You asked: Who started hip hop in Nigeria?

The genre is believed to have gained its first footing on the motherland in the 80s with names like DJ Ron ‘Ronnie’ Ekundayo credited with recording the first rap album in the country, ”The Way I Feel. ” Then came groups like Emphasis and Sound on Sound which had singer, Mr.

When was hip hop started in Nigeria?

Afro Hip hop in Nigeria dates back to the late eighties and early nineties. The first place hip hop gained popularity in Nigeria was in Lagos, Nigeria. During this time (1980s), Nigeria was under a military governorship.

Who is the first hip hop in Nigeria?

The first Nigerian hip-hop record

In a wonderful Medium piece from 2019, “Hip-hop in Nigeria: The evolution and how diss records became a part of it,” writer Ehis Ohunyon explains that Ron Ekundayo (aka Ronnie)’s 1981 album The Way I Feel contains a song that is widely considered the first Nigerian rap record.

Who started hip hop first?

The first major hip-hop deejay was DJ Kool Herc (Clive Campbell), an 18-year-old immigrant who introduced the huge sound systems of his native Jamaica to inner-city parties.

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Who is the king of hip hop in Nigeria?

The fast rising American born music star, James Guyton who recently traced his origin to Nigeria has unveiled his new single album titled “Block”.

Who started hip hop in South Africa?

Hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa. When the founding father of hip-hop, Kool DJ Herc, hosted his first block party in the Bronx, US, in 1973, little did he know that the waves would one day wash, onto the shores of the southernmost part of Africa.

When and where did rap begin?

Rap as a genre began at block parties in New York City in the early 1970s, when DJs began isolating the percussion breaks of funk, soul, and disco songs and extending them. MCs tasked with introducing the DJs and keeping the crowd energized would talk between songs, joking and generally interacting with the audience.

Who is the best hip hop in Africa?

Kao Denero beats Khaligraph Jones, Nasty C, Sarkodie, Vector, and others to win this year’s AEAUSA “Best Hip Hop Artist” in Africa. Sierra Leonean hip hop rapper and Ambassador of Entertainment, Kao Denero has won this year’s African Entertainment Awards – USA (AEAUSA) “Best Hip Hop/Rap Artist” in Africa.

Who is the best hip hop musician in Africa?


Michael Owusu Addo, popularly known by his stage name Sarkodie, was born on July 10, 1988, in Tema, Ghana, in Africa’s western part. He is a professional rapper in the music category and known as one of Africa’s best music rappers; his entertaining flow is delightful to listen to.

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Who is the king of African hip hop?

The King Of African Hip-Hop. IT’S BEEN A FEW WEEKS since the artist Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi – who went from humble beginnings in Katlehong to making music with international superstars – became a seven-times platinum best-seller. His originality has allowed him to shape a lane in music that few could ever dream of.

Who is the father of hip-hop?

Kool Herc: A Founding Father of Hip Hop : NPR. Kool Herc: A Founding Father of Hip Hop DJ Kool Herc is the father of the breakbeat, the deejay practice of isolating and repeating “breaks,” the most danceable portions of songs; breakbeats make up the foundation of modern hip-hop.

What started hip-hop?

Origins: Early hip-hop music saw its roots in the 1970s in the New York City borough of the Bronx. It started as a collaboration among intersecting groups of Black, Latinx, and Caribbean American youth at block parties—community gatherings that featured DJs playing soul and funk music.

Where did hip-hop start at?

The elements of Hip Hop came together in the Bronx borough of New York City. It was the early 1970s and times were tougher than usual for the poorer parts of urban America. From a whole lot of nothing—and a whole lot of imagination—Hip Hop took form.