Why is agricultural productivity low in West Africa?

In West Africa, the main staple crops such as maize, cassava, millet, and sorghum are mostly dependent on rainfall10. The region is influenced by large-scale climate teleconnections11 and some of the largest deficits in crop production have been due to droughts induced by declines in rainfall12.

What are the causes of low farm productivity in Africa?

ABSTRACT. Agricultural production in sub-Saharan Africa has, in recent times, remained lower than the rest of the world. Many attribute this to factors inherent to Africa and its people, such as climate, soil quality, slavery and disease.

What are the causes of low agricultural productivity?

7 Reasons for Low Productivity in India Agriculture

  • Population Pressure: …
  • Uneconomic Holdings: …
  • Uncertain Monsoons and Inadequate Irrigation Facilities: …
  • Subsistence Nature of Farming: …
  • Decline in Soil Fertility: …
  • Lack of Support Services: …
  • Poor Organisation of Resourdces and Lack of Entrepreneurship:
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What are the problems of agriculture in West Africa?

Many developing countries in West Africa are faced with numerous problems that militate against the development of agriculture. Some of these problems are: Inadequate Land or Land Tenure System. Poor Storage and Processing Facilities.

Why is agricultural productivity low in Nigeria?

Nigerian agriculture is primarily rain-fed, which is characterized by low productivity, low technology, and high labor intensity. This low agricultural productivity has been attributed to the low use of fertilizer, the loss of soil fertility, and traditional, low technology, rain-fed farming systems.

What is the major barriers to agricultural growth in Africa?

In fact, there are major obstacles that limit the success of small-scale farming in Africa. These obstacles can be categorized in four sections, namely: 1) climate, 2) technology and education, 3) financing and 4) policy and infrastructure. Smallholder farmers in Africa are still among the poorest in the world.

What are the factors affecting agriculture?

Factors that affect agriculture are climate and temperature, soil and topography, landforms, availability of water and labor.

What is low agricultural productivity?

The agricultural productivity is low due to small size of holdings. Indeed small size of the farm fails to provide profitable employment to the farmers. ADVERTISEMENTS: In our country average size of holdings is 1.8 hectares while in developed countries like U.S.A. it is 122 hectares.

What does low productivity in agriculture means?

Hint: Low production refers to the less production of the agricultural crops in India. The productivity in India is quite low due to the large population size of the country. … Improper irrigation facility: There is no proper irrigation facility in the country. Most of the crop farmers are dependent on the rain.

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What are the reasons of less agricultural production in mountain and hilly region?

In addition to this, agricultural lands in the mountains and hills are less fertile and less productive. They are fragile and vulnerable to land slide and erosion loosing fertile topsoil.

How can we solve the problem of low agricultural productivity in West Africa?

8 ways Africa can raise farm productivity and boost growth

  1. Develop high-yield crops. …
  2. Boost irrigation. …
  3. Increase the use of fertilizers. …
  4. Improve market access, regulations, and governance. …
  5. Make better use of information technology. …
  6. Adopt genetically modified (GM) crops.

What is the biggest challenge facing West Africa?

We shall discuss below the major problems that have affected West African countries since the attainment of independence.

  • The military as political rulers. …
  • Problems of unemployment, under-employment and civil wars. …
  • Population explosion, diseases and drought. …
  • Corruption and mismanagement. …
  • Effects of corruption. …
  • Conclusion.

How can we solve the problem of low agricultural productivity?

Quality inputs (improved seeds and fertilizers) are essential to raising productivity (yields per unit area planted) under both the rainfed and irrigated conditions. In addition, strong extension and advisory services are important for enhancing the adoption and efficiency of improved inputs.

What are the factors affecting agricultural productivity in Nigeria?

Drought and crop failure, global warming, climate change, water pollution, rising migration from rural to urban areas, as well as rising incomes from exploiting oil resources, which made it possible to reorient the tastes of the population to imported food, have led to industry stagnation.

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What are the problem of agricultural in Nigeria?

Despite the contribution to the economy, Nigeria’s agricultural sector faces many challenges which impact on its productivity. These include; poor land tenure system, low level of irrigation farming, climate change and land degradation.

How does Nigeria’s geography affect agriculture?

The climate change in Nigeria affects the agriculture because there are a lot of crops and fertilization. … Nigeria has been slow on growing such crops due to the weather being tropical and over flowing the crops. There are about 76 acres or 33 percent of Nigeria’s land area.