Which is the first state in Nigeria?

Who created the first 12 states in Nigeria?

The Creation of States

General Yakubu Gowon created twelve states out of the four regions that existed at that time appointing a governor to head them.

When did Nigeria establish 19 states?

In 1967, the regions were replaced by 12 states by military decree. From 1967 to 1970 the Eastern Region attempted to secede, as a nation called Biafra during the Nigerian civil war. In 1976, seven new states were created, making 19 altogether.

Which state is the best state in Nigeria?

Top 10 Most Beautiful, Finest State in Nigeria

  • Abuja (FCT)
  • Lagos State.
  • Enugu State.
  • Rivers State.
  • Kaduna State.
  • Delta State.
  • Cross River State.
  • Akwa Ibom State.

Which state is the largest state in Nigeria?

List of Nigerian states by area

Rank State km²
1 Niger State 76,363
2 Borno State 70,898
3 Taraba State 54,473
4 Kaduna State 46,053

Who divided Nigeria into 12?

General Yakubu Gowon was head of state of Nigeria from August 1966 to July 1975. He reorganized the four regions into twelve states in May 1967.

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Which state was created in 1996?

List of Nigerian states by date of statehood

State Date created Preceding Entity
Ekiti State 1 October 1996 Ondo State
Enugu State 27 August 1991 (old) Anambra State
Gombe State 1 October 1996 Bauchi State
Imo State 3 February 1976 East Central State

Is Abuja a state in Nigeria?

Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, is located in this territory. FCT was formed in 1976 from parts of the states of old Kwara, Niger, Kaduna and Plateau States with the bulk of landmass carved out of Niger State.

Federal Capital Territory (Nigeria)

Federal Capital Territory
Country Nigeria
Date created 3 February 1976
Capital Abuja

How many state are in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a federal republic of 36 states and a federal capital territory, with a population of about 150 million.

Which state is very beautiful in Nigeria?

ABUJA. Popular known as the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja is the most beautiful state in Nigeria and also the nation’s capital city.

Which state is best city in Nigeria?

Top 15 safest cities to live in Nigeria

  • Lagos. Lagos state, although maintaining the position of the most populated city in Nigeria for well over 10 years is actually one of the safest cities to live in Nigeria. …
  • Enugu. …
  • Calabar. …
  • Ibadan. …
  • Abuja. …
  • Jos. …
  • Ilorin. …
  • Uyo.

Which is the most beautiful city in Nigeria?

12 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

  1. Ibadan. Ibadan, also known as the ‘ancient city’ is the capital of Oyo State. …
  2. Abuja. Nigeria’s federal capital, Abuja, is one of the most developed and most beautiful cities in Nigeria. …
  3. Jos. …
  4. Calabar. …
  5. Minna. …
  6. Enugu. …
  7. Port Harcourt. …
  8. Uyo.
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Which state is smallest in Nigeria?

Lagos is the smallest state in Nigeria with a size of only 3,345 square kilometers. However, it is one of the most populated with 9,013,534 residents. Lagos state is located in the southwestern geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The smallest in the area of Nigeria’s 36 states.

Is Ghana bigger than Lagos?

In fact, if (judging by the land per capita of both places) Lagos were to be a country of Ghana’s size, the population of Lagos would be 203 times that of Ghana. That is massive.

Which is the cleanest city in Nigeria?

Akwa Ibom State has been declared the cleanest state of the year 2021 with cumulative score of 64 per cent while Abuja was named the cleanest city with cumulative score of 79 per cent.