Where is the highest point in Mauritius?

What is the highest point in Mauritius?

Black River Peak

The highest peak in Mauritius, known in French as Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire, this incredible mountain forms part of the range with the same name.

What are the 3 mountain ranges in Mauritius?

There are technically five mountain ranges in Mauritius. They are the Grand Port Range, the Bambous Range, the Savanne Range, The Black River Range and the Moka Range. The names of the mountains in these ranges are sometimes based on their formations and appearance where others draw their names from legends and myths.

What is the height of mountain Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire?

Arguably one of the ‘must-do’ mountain hikes in Mauritius is the hike taking you all the way up to one of the highest peaks in Mauritius, at 828 meters (2717 feet) high. Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire is found on the far western side of the Black river Gorges.

What is the largest plain in Mauritius?

Outside the ring of mountains ranges are the coastal plains, the largest one is in the North and is known as the Northern Plains. These plains have been formed by quick flowing lavas from volcanoes such as Mont Piton, Butte aux Papayes and Forbach Hill.


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Major Rivers of Mauritius
Name Length (Km)
Rivière Citron 10.17

What is the highest mount in Rodrigues?

Mount Limon is the highest point on the island of Rodrigues.

Where is Lion Mountain found?

Location. Lion mountain is located in the South East of Mauritius, overlooking Grand Port and the bay of Mahebourg.

How many crater lakes are there in Mauritius?

The island has two natural lakes both are crater lakes and one man-made reservoir.

How many rivers are there in Mauritius?

Longest rivers in Mauritius

There are 25 major rivers and 21 smaller rivers on the island. The longest river is the Grand River South East, 34 km in length, which also has the largest catchment area.

What is the height of Pieter Both mountain?

Pieter Both is the most iconic mountain in Mauritius and the second highest after Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire. It is named after Pieter Both who was the first Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies before dying in a shipwreck on his way home.

What Mauritius famous for?

Mauritius is famous for the Dodo (an extinct flightless bird the size of a swan), a multicultural population, incredible expensive resorts (up to $600 a night and more) the island caters for the more wealthy customers, Mauritius rum, sugar and fruit jams, the Seven Coloured Earths, an underwater waterfall, the Giant …

What was Mauritius called before?

Ile de France was renamed Mauritius and it was formally given to Britain at the Treaty of Paris in 1815.

Can Trou aux Cerfs erupt?

Trou aux Cerfs (also known as Murr’s Volcano) is a dormant volcano with a well-defined cone and crater. It is 605 m (1,985 ft) high and located in Curepipe, Mauritius. … According to experts, the volcano is currently dormant but could become active at any time within the next thousand years.

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