What is a level 2 hospital in Kenya?

These facilities are run by clinical officers: The dispensaries in the cities act like a health centre (see level 3), with the difference that the dispensary does not have in-patient facilities. These are some of the services you will expect in a dispensary: Outpatient services.

What is level2 hospital?

A Level 2 hospital contains all the elements of Level 1, as well as additional facilities like an ICU for critically ill patients and specialist doctors for gynecology and pediatric services. … Some hospitals also serve as training facilities for nurses and doctors.

What is a Level 4 hospital in Kenya?

Hospitals classified under Level 4 in the Kenyan health system include sub-county hospitals and medium-sized private / mission (faith-based) hospitals.

How hospitals are categorized in Kenya?

The Kenyan health system defines six levels of the hierarchy, as follows: level 1, community services; level 2, dispensaries and clinics; level 3, health centres and maternity and nursing homes; level 4, sub-county hospitals and medium-sized private hospitals; level 5, county referral hospitals and large private …

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What is a level 5 hospital in Kenya?

LEVEL 5 Hospitals also known as County Referral Hospitals are formerly provincial hospitals. They are run by Chief Executive Officers who are medic by profession and have over 100 beds capacity for their in-patient. They also do research on matters of health. … They also do research on matters of health.

What is the difference between a Level 2 and Level 3 hospital?

From the patient’s viewpoint, the main difference between a level III trauma center and a level I/II trauma center, is that these services will be available within 30 minutes rather than 15 minutes.

What laboratory a Level 2 hospital must have?

Level 2 hospitals, on top of the requirements for Level 1, must be departmentalized and should have intensive care units, respiratory therapy services, a tertiary clinical laboratory and a Level 2 imaging facility with mobile X-ray equipment.

What is a level 3 hospital in Kenya?

LEVEL 3 – Health Centres

These are small hospitals with minimal facilities, yet they offer services like the big hospitals. They are run by at least one doctor, clinical officers and nurses. These are some of the services they offer: Maternity in-patient services with a ward.

What is a level 1 hospital?

Level I Trauma Center is a comprehensive regional resource that is a tertiary care facility central to the trauma system. A Level I Trauma Center is capable of providing total care for every aspect of injury – from prevention through rehabilitation. … Provides continuing education of the trauma team members.

How many Level 6 hospitals are there in Kenya?

Medical service levels

Level Type Total in 2021
6 Tertiary referral hospital, national hospitals 8
5 Secondary referral hospital, provincial hospital 82
4 Primary facilities, district hospitals and equivalent 133
3 Health Centre, Sub-District Hospital, Maternity Centre 6
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What are the 5 levels of medical care?

Levels are divided into the following categories:

  • Primary care.
  • Secondary care.
  • Tertiary care.
  • Quaternary care.

What level is Kenyatta National Hospital?

KNH is currently the largest Level 6 hospital in the country providing super specialized services and training of health professional both in basic and advanced courses.

Which is the best hospital in Kenya?


ranking World Rank Instituto
1 2499 Diani Beach Hospital Kenya
2 6268 A I C Kapsowar Hospital
3 6392 AIC Kijabe Hospital
4 6820 Aga Khan Hospitals

What is the biggest hospital in world?

The Largest Hospitals in the World

Rank Hospital Name Capacity
1 Chang Gung Memorial Hospital 10,000
2 West China Medical Center of Sichuan University 4,300
3 Clinical Center of Serbia 3,500
4 Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital 3,400

What is primary level of health care?

Primary Level of Care

Usually the first contact between the community members and other levels of the health facility. Center physicians, public health nurses, rural health midwives, traditional healers.

How are hospitals classified?

There are three primary classifications when it comes to size: Small hospitals: Fewer than 100 beds. Medium hospitals: 100 to 499 beds. Large hospitals: 500 or more beds.