What city in sub Saharan Africa is considered a megacity?

Cairo in Egypt, Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Lagos in Nigeria are already megacities, while Luanda in Angola, Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and Johannesburg in South Africa will attain the status by 2030, according the United Nations.

How many megacities are there in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Among the world’s megacities, two are in sub-Saharan Africa: Lagos in Nigeria and Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo are on the list. Johannesburg, South Africa, with a population that’s expected to reach 11 million by 2025, is soon to join.

What is Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest city a megacity?

Lagos, Nigeria, the largest city in Africa, remains one of the fastest growing cities on the planet.

Largest Cities In Africa By Population.

Rank Largest Cities In Africa Estimated Metro Population
1 Lagos, Nigeria 21.0 million people
2 Cairo, Egypt 20.4 million people

What is an African megacity?

Africa is home to three of the world’s megacities. The populations of Lagos, Cairo and Kinshasa have already gone beyond 10 million. Luanda and Dar will join them in a decade. Cities such as Kampala, Bamako and Ouagadougou — whose populations are in the low millions — are some of the world’s fastest-growing.

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Is Zambia a megacity?

This statistic shows a forecast of the biggest cities in Zambia in 2019. In 2019, approximately 2.63 million people will live in Lusaka, making it the biggest city in Zambia.

Zambia: The largest cities in 2019 (in million inhabitants)

Characteristic Inhabitants in millions

What is considered Sub-Saharan Africa?

Sub-Saharan Africa (commonly called Africa) is, geographically, the area of the continent of Africa that lies south of the Sahara. … The United Nations Development Program lists 46 of Africa’s 54 countries as “sub-Saharan”, excluding Algeria, Djibouti, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Somalia, Sudan and Tunisia.

Is Cairo a megacity?

With a population of over 10 million spread over 453 km2 (175 sq mi), Cairo is by far the largest city in Egypt. An additional 9.5 million inhabitants live in close proximity to the city.


Cairo القاهرة
• Megacity 10,025,657
• Estimate (2021) 10,025,657
• Density 3,249/km2 (8,410/sq mi)
• Metro 21,323,000

Is Lagos a mega city?

Lagos State, Nigeria, is a mega-city with an estimated population of 16–21 million people.

Which city is the finest city in Africa?

Top 10 most beautiful cities in Africa

  1. Nairobi, Kenya – for native and contemporary culture.
  2. Marrakesh, Morocco – for traditional markets. …
  3. Cape Town, South Africa – the city by the sea. …
  4. Lamu, Kenya – for laid-back beach vibes. …
  5. Cairo, Egypt – for the Pyramids of Giza. …
  6. Johannesburg, South Africa – for cosmopolitan vibes. …

Is London a megacity?

LONDON. London is the quintessential megacity: densely populated; intensely connected at regional, national and international levels; and exceptionally productive compared with other cities and regions in the United Kingdom.

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Is Cape Town a megacity?

Of the largest cities in Africa, which include Lagos, Abidjan, Kano, Johannesburg and Cape Town, only three – Cairo, Lagos and Kinshasa – currently fall into the category of ‘megacities’, which are cities with a population of 10 million or more.

How many cities are in Africa?

Share of Africa’s urban population

The 100 cities had a total population of 242.5 million in 2020, out of a total urban population for Africa of 587.7 million. There are thousands of urban centres not in the top 100, whose combined population was 345.2 million in 2020.

How many megacities are there?

The total number of megacities in the world varies between different sources: The world had 33 according to the UN (in 2018), 37 according to CityPopulation.de (in 2020), and 35 according to Demographia (in 2020).

What is an example of a megacity?

Tokyo (Japan) is currently the largest ‘megacity’ in the world with 37.4 million inhabitants. In 2100 it will be Lagos (Nigeria) with 88 million.

Is Jakarta a megacity?

The Jakarta megacity. Like other megacities in Southeast Asia (Spreitzhofer, 2005), the Jakarta megacity has also grown rapidly. In 1980, the total population in the Greater Jakarta area was 11.4 million, and by 2018, it had increased to 34 million, with 10 million in the city of Jakarta.

Is Tokyo a megacity?

Tokyo was recognised along with New York as one of the first megacities when the term came into common use in the 1950s. While New York has dropped in its ranking, the Greater Tokyo Area is now the largest megacity in the world with a population of 37.4 million in 2020.

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