Question: What African country has the longest coastline?

Somalia has the longest coastline in Africa (approximately 3 000 km) and claims ocean territory stretching about 120 km off shore.

Which country in Africa has the second longest coastline?

38 Country Coastlines in Africa

Rank Country Coastline Kilometres
1 Madagascar 4,828
2 Somalia 3,333
3 South Africa 2,798
4 Mozambique 2,470

What country has longest coastline?

Coastline: Canada’s coastline is the world’s longest, measuring 243,042 km (includes the mainland coast and the coasts of offshore islands). This compares with Indonesia (54,716 km), Russia (37,653 km), the United States (19,924 km) and China (14,500 km).

What is the length of Africa coastline?

Paradoxically, the coastline of Africa—18,950 miles (30,500 km) in length—is shorter than that of Europe, because there are few inlets and few large bays or gulfs.

Which is the longest beach in Africa?

Somalia’s coastline consists of the Gulf of Aden to the north, the Guardafui Channel to the northeast and the Indian Ocean to the east. The total length of the coastline is approximately 3333 km, giving the country the longest coastline on mainland Africa.

Which province has the longest coastline?

The province of Newfoundland & Labrador has the longest coastline in Canada.

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What country has the second longest coastline?


Country The World Factbook Coast/area ratio (m/km2)
Rank (WRI)
World 11.0
Canada 1 29.2
Norway 2 175

Which country has the 10th longest coastline in the world?

Shakeel Anwar

Name of Countries Description
7. Australia Coastline (Kilometres): 25,760 Coastline (Miles): 16,007
8. United States Coastline (Kilometres): 19,924 Coastline (Miles): 12,380
9. Antarctica Coastline (Kilometres): 17,968 Coastline (Miles): 11,165
10. New Zealand Coastline (Kilometres): 15,134 Coastline (Miles): 9,404

What is the smallest country in Africa?

The smallest nation in the continental mainland of Africa is The Gambia. Seychelles is an archipelagic island country in the Indian Ocean at the eastern edge of the Somali Sea. It consists of 115 islands. Its capital and largest city, Victoria, lies 1,500 kilometres (932 mi) east of mainland Africa.

Which country in Africa with a coastline that is on the equator?

Equatorial Guinea consists of two parts, an insular and a mainland region. The insular region consists of the islands of Bioko (formerly Fernando Pó) in the Gulf of Guinea and Annobón, a small volcanic island which is the only part of the country south of the equator.


Year Million
2000 0.6
2020 1.4

Which African country is landlocked?

Niger officially the Republic of Niger is a landlocked country in Western Africa, named after the Niger River. It borders Nigeria and Benin to the south, Burkina Faso and Mali to the west, Algeria and Libya to the north and Chad to the east.