Is Ebira a Yoruba?

The Ebira can be found today in Okene, Adavi, Ajaokuta and Okehi Local Government Areas of present Kogi State in the North-Central geo-political zone of Nigeria on the other hand, the Owo people (of Ago Panu) are sub group of the Yoruba people of the South-western part of Nigeria.

Where did Ebira originated from?

Ebira history is tied to that of their neighbors, the Jukun and the Igala. Oral history claims that they originally came from the east and entered Nigeria between the Mandarra highlands and Lake Chad sometime during the last millen- nium. It is believed that Igala broke away from Jukun, and Ebira broke away from Igala.

Who is father of Ebira?

Our ‘father’ of Ebira Tao who led us to this premier settlement in Ebiraland was Itaazi. Itaazi had five (5) sons who all later migrated from Ebira Opete and were the founders of the various districts in Ebiraland.

What language do Ebira speak?

Ebira (pronounced as /eh ‘be ra/; also known as Igbira, Okpoto, or Okene) is a Niger-Congo language. It is spoken by around 3 million people in North central Nigeria. It is the most divergent Nupoid language.

Ebira language.

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Ebira /eh ‘be ra/
ISO 639-3 igb
Glottolog ebir1243

Is Kogi a Yoruba state?

NO,Kogi state is not Yoruba. Kogi state is made up of 20% Yoruba. The Yorubas in Kogi migrated from the ancient Ile-ife.

What tribe is Ebira?

The Ebira people are an ethno-linguistic group of central Nigeria. Most Ebira people are from Kogi State, Nasarawa State and Edo State.

What is sorry in Ebira?

Ahe – Sorry. Avo – Thank you. Nyaario – Condolence greeting. Nyaari eche – Festival greeting Nyaari Iresu Oyiza – Congratulatory greeting.

What tribe is Okene?

The people of Okene Local Government Area are a part of Ebira Tao people of the Central Senatorial District of Kogi State. They are believed to have migrated from Jukun in the present day Taraba State and had a brief stopover in Idah before moving to its present location.

What is Ebira leader called?

The Ohinoyi of Ebiraland is the traditional ruler of the Ebira people. The title Atta of Ebiraland has also historically been used for this position but fell out of favour in the 20th Century.

What is the meaning of Okene?

Okene is a village in the Nigerian state of Kogi. The town is based in a Local Government Area of the same name. Okene runs along the A2 highway.

How do you say beautiful in Ebira?

The word for beauty in the Ebira language is Ozoza.

What is Ebira traditional attire called?

Okene Cloth is a woven cloth, woven at the loom in Okene by the Ebira people.

What is the relationship between Igala and Ebira?

History has shown that the Igalas and the Ebiras have maintained a cordial and peaceful relationship and coexistence since from the Jukun in the present Taraba state before they both migrated to their present location.

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Is Kabba a Yoruba land?

Kabba, town, Kogi state, south-central Nigeria, in the Yoruba Hills (elevation 1,300 feet [400 m]). It lies near the Osse River, at the intersection of roads from Lokoja, Okene, Ikare, Ado-Ekiti, and Egbe.

Is Kwara a Yoruba state?

Kwara State is one of the 36 states of Nigeria. Its capital is Ilorin and its governor is Bukola Saraki. The primary ethnic group of Kwara State is Yoruba, with significant Nupe, Bariba and Fulani minorities.

Is Edo State a Yoruba state?

Edo State

Unlike the states above, the place occupied by the Yoruba ethnic group is the Akoko Edo Area. Edo State is an oil producing state in Nigeria and it is located in the South South Geopolitical zone. … Edo state is dominated by the Edo, Okpe, Esan, Afemai/Etsako, Ora, Akoko-Edo, Igbanke, Emai and Ijaw.