Is African a proper noun?

In other words, proper nouns are more specific than common ones. It is the proper nouns, along with their associated adjectives, that should have capital letters. … Africa, African; Paris, Parisian; Andalusia, Andalusian …);’continent’ is a common noun; ‘Asia’ is a proper noun.

Is Africa proper noun or common noun?

Africa (proper noun)

Is African a noun verb or adjective?

African (noun) African–American (noun) African violet (noun) Central African Republic (proper noun)

Is African country a noun?

Country: I live in Japan.


Geographic region/Continent Adjective Noun
North Africa North African a North African
South America South American a South American
Southeast Asia Southeast Asian a Southeast Asian person

Is West Africa a common noun?

proper noun

The western part of the African continent, especially the countries bounded by and including Mauritania, Mali, and Niger in the north and Gabon in the south.

What is the meaning of Africa?

/ˈæf.rɪ.kə/ the continent that is to the south of the Mediterranean Sea, to the east of the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west of the Indian Ocean. Countries, nationalities & continents: continents & regions of the world. Afrocentric. Afrocentrism.

Is country a proper noun?

proper noun. … Common nouns refer to generic things while proper nouns refer to specific things. For example, the noun country is a common noun because it refers to a general, non-specific place.

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