How many media houses are there in Kenya?

Mass media in Kenya includes more than 91 FM stations, more than 64 free to view TV stations, and an unconfirmed number of print newspapers and magazines.

How many television stations are in Kenya?

Kenya has about 66 licensed TV stations and many are still pending for approval. However, just like in any other business especially in the media sector, it’s all about coverage, market share and positive feedback from customers.

How many newspapers does Kenya have?

Basic Data

Official Country Name: Republic of Kenya
Number of Nondaily Newspapers: 10
Total Circulation: 110,000
Circulation per 1,000: 6
Total Newspaper Ad Receipts: 1,280 (Kenyan Shilling millions)

How many radio stations are in Kenya?

Kenya has over 100 radio stations.

Who owns KTN?

NTV (Kenyan TV channel)

Owner Nation Media Group
Launched 4 April 2005
Former names Nation TV

What is the oldest newspaper in Kenya?

The Standard is one of the largest newspapers in Kenya with a 48% market share. It is the oldest newspaper in the country and is owned by The Standard Group, which also runs the Kenya Television Network (KTN), Radio Maisha, The Nairobian (a weekly tabloid), KTN News and Standard Digital which is its online platform.

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Why mass media has been rapidly growing in Kenya?

Economic Growth Increasing population and better economic performance has also expanded growth of the media through such enhanced readership as well as advertising revenues.

How many people read the newspaper in Kenya?

The latest report on media consumption for February and March 2019 by Kenya Audience Research Foundation (KARF) puts the newspaper readership in Kenya and reach at an average of just 9.5% of the population, having grown marginally from 9% in February to 10% in March.

Who owns Kenya daily?

The People Daily is a free ad-supported newspaper based in Nairobi. It is owned by Mediamax Network Ltd, a Kenyan media company that also owns K24TV, Kameme TV, Kameme FM,…

Who owns the Daily Nation?

Daily Nation

Type Daily newspaper
Format Berliner
Owner(s) Nation Media Group
Founder(s) Charles Hayes
Founded 1958 as Taifa

How many print publications are under the Nation Media Group?

The group publications include The EastAfrican, Daily Nation, Business Daily Africa, Daily Monitor, The Citizen, NMG Investor Briefing, Taifa Leo and Zuqka.

Which is the leading radio station in Kenya?

Ranking the top 10 radio stations – overall and by language

Overall, Royal Media’s Radio Citizen was the most listened-to station in Kenya for five days of a typical week. Standard Media’s Radio Maisha took the largest audience on Thursday, while Media Max-owned Milele FM was the most preferred on Sundays.

Who owns most of the radio stations?

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Owner Rank Total Stations*
iHeartMedia, Inc. 1 858
Cumulus Media, Inc. 2 429
Townsquare Media 3 321
Entercom 4 235
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How much is a radio frequency in Kenya?

frequency fee. Currently, the annual frequency fee is KShs. 10,000 per terminal.