Frequent question: How do I get married in Zimbabwe?

American citizens wishing to get married in Zimbabwe may register with a magistrate court by providing identification i.e. passport and documentation evincing the dissolution of any previous marriages. There are both civil and religious marriages in Zimbabwe.

How do I apply for a court wedding in Zimbabwe?


  1. Original marriage certificate.
  2. Birth certificate and a copy thereof.
  3. Notarial deed where a person has made a complete change of names.
  4. National identity document where the ID number needs to be corrected.
  5. Marriage register where the date needs to be corrected.

How do Zimbabweans marry?

Zimbabwean law recognises both civil marriages and customary marriages. … Customary marriages are only legally available to native Zimbabweans (not European Zimbabweans). They may be polygamous , with the man having more than one wife, and are often initiated through cultural ceremonies.

What are the requirements for a court wedding?

Sworn Affidavit of Bachelorhood from a Law Court/ Bachelorhood Certificate (if bachelor). Affidavit of Marriage (if already married).


  • Passport Photograph of Husband and Wife.
  • Affidavit of Marriage.
  • Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age of Husband and Wife.
  • Witness Signature (2 witnesses).
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How long does it take to get a marriage certificate in Zimbabwe?

The processing time to obtain a copy of marriage certificate is one day only.

What are 3 types of marriage?

There are three types of civil marriages: marriage in community of property; marriage out of community of property; and marriage out of community of property with accrual.

How much does it cost to register a marriage in Zimbabwe?

Court wedding requirements in zimbabwe

  1. $15 revenue stamp.
  2. National I.D. or passport- original and photocopies.
  3. Passport size photos in colour- 2 each with jacket and tie for men.
  4. Divorcee decree ( If Divorced) – a certified copy from the High Court.
  5. Death Certificate( if Widow) – Certified Copy (Chapter 2:23)

How do you know if you married in community of property?

If you and your spouse are married in community of property, this means that you share a joint, undivided estate that is made up of your respective assets and liabilities, including those that accrued prior to the date of your marriage.

What is Chapter 37 Marriage Act in Zimbabwe?

Many people know the civil marriage as Chapter 37. … That title has now changed to the Marriage Act [Chapter 5: 11]. The correct legal term for this marriage is the “Civil” or “Monogamous” marriage. It is called a monogamous marriage because it allows a man to marry only one wife and a woman to marry only one husband.

Can a man marry two wives legally in Zimbabwe?

Polygamy is the practice of having more than one spouse; while prohibited under Zimbabwean civil law, polygamous marriages may be performed under the country’s customary law. Less than one-fifth of the country’s population are engaged in polygamy.

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Where does court marriage take place?

The Court Marriage has to take place at the office of a marriage officer or at such other place within a reasonable distance. Section 12 of the Special Marriage Act, 1954 entails the provision regarding the place of marriage.

What is the benefit of court marriage?

You’ll have legal security

Like a licensed church or licensed office wedding, a court wedding protects both the man and woman, but especially the woman, in law. While you may go into marriage expecting the best outcome, sometimes things do go wrong.

How a court wedding is done?

Keep in mind that choosing a wedding date is first come, first served, so planning ahead is ideal — especially if you have a certain date or time in mind. Secure a court-approved officiant. Confirm with your courthouse that your ceremony will have a government official present. Get a witness (if necessary).

Where can I get a non marriage certificate in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe – Obtain a Single Status Certificate(Non-Marriage…

  • Visit the Registrar General’s Department.
  • Present the required documents.
  • Pay the applicable fee.

How do I become a marriage officer in Zimbabwe?

There are two types of marriage officers in Zimbabwe. A magistrate by virtue of being a judge automatically qualifies to be a marriage officer. The second type is the minister of religion who has been commissioned through the Registrar-Generals’ office to administer the Marriage Act.

What is certificate of no marriage?

A Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR) is simply what its name implies. It is a certification issued by the PSA stating that a person has not contracted any marriage. … A person who was previously married and was divorced or widowed is usually considered an “unmarried” person.

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