Does Kenya import more than exports?

The trade growth is -6.97% compared to a world growth of -1.13%. … Kenya exports of goods and services as percentage of GDP is 12.03% and imports of goods and services as percentage of GDP is 21.37%.

Is Kenya a net importer or exporter?

In 2019, Kenya exported $11.5 billion and imported $20.4 billion, resulting in a negative trade balance of -$8.9 billion. In 2013, Kenya’s largest export sector was Consumer Goods, with 63.52% of total exports.

Do we import more than we export?

The United States imports more than it exports. The 2019 U.S. trade balance is negative, showing a deficit of $617 billion. Capital goods comprise the largest portions of both U.S. exports and imports.

What is Kenya’s biggest import?

The leading imports are crude petroleum, chemicals, manufactured goods, machinery, and transportation equipment. Africa is Kenya’s largest export market, followed by the European Union.

What does Kenya import and export?

Kenya’s main exports are horticultural products, tea, coffee, fish and cement. Its main imports are machinery, transport equipment, petroleum, iron, steel, resins and plastics. Kenya is the largest importer of used motor vehicles in Africa. The average ad valorem tariff for imported goods is 12.7% (2007).

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Does Kenya import or export oil?

Kenya is a net importer of petroleum products and its petroleum sector is dominated by foreign-owned companies. The sector is characterised by a large number of players that import, export, distribute and transport petroleum products.

What is Kenya’s biggest export?

Overview. Agriculture dominates the Kenyan economy, accounting for 40% of the overall workforce (70% of the rural workforce) and about 25% of the annual workforce. The country’s major agricultural exports are tea, coffee, cut flowers, and vegetables. Kenya is the world’s leading exporter of black tea and cut flowers.

What is the US #1 export?

Searchable List of America’s Most Valuable Export Products

Rank US Export Product YOY
1 Processed petroleum oils -30.6%
2 Crude oil -23%
3 Cars -18.7%
4 Integrated circuits/microassemblies +10.3%

When a country exports more than imports?

A country that imports more goods and services than it exports in terms of value has a trade deficit while a country that exports more goods and services than it imports has a trade surplus.

Why do imports exceed exports?

If the exports of a country exceed its imports, the country is said to have a favourable balance of trade, or a trade surplus. Conversely, if the imports exceed exports, an unfavourable balance of trade, or a trade deficit, exists.

What is exported from Kenya?

Agricultural products are central to Kenya’s export industry with horticultural and tea being the most important. Other export items include textiles, coffee, tobacco, iron and steel products, petroleum products, cement. Kenya main exports partners are UK, Netherlands, Uganda, Tanzania, United States and Pakistan.

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What are Kenya’s top three imports?

The most recent imports of Kenya are led by Refined Petroleum ($3.07B), Cars ($522M), Packaged Medicaments ($471M), Wheat ($439M), and Hot-Rolled Iron ($413M). The most common import partners for Kenya are China ($4.48B), United Arab Emirates ($1.83B), India ($1.82B), Saudi Arabia ($1.28B), and Japan ($910M).

What is Kenya’s top import product?

Industrial machinery and petroleum products were the main imports to Kenya in 2020. Each amounted to roughly 231.9 billion Kenyan shillings (KSh) (approximately 2.1 billion U.S. dollars) and 201.1 KSh (1.8 billion U.S. dollars), respectively.

What does Kenya spend on imports?

The import value of food and beverages to Kenya in August 2021 was measured at some 16.2 billion Kenyan shillings (KSh), roughly 146 million U.S. dollars. The value increased from approximately 15.3 billion KSh (138 million U.S.dollars) in July.

Characteristic Import value in billion Kenyan shillings
Aug 2020 9.9

What does Kenya export to USA?

The primary goods Kenya exported to the US included apparel, macadamia nuts, titanium, coffee, tea and spices. Imports from the US to Kenya were led by aircraft, plastics, machinery and wheat.

Who is Kenya’s biggest trading partner?

Kenya top 5 Export and Import partners

Exporter Trade (US$ Mil) Partner share(%)
China 3,590 20.86
India 1,706 9.91
United Arab Emirates 1,633 9.49
Saudi Arabia 1,247 7.25