You asked: What is the main tributary of River Niger?

The most important tributary is the Benue River which merges with the Niger at Lokoja in Nigeria.

What is the major tributary of river Niger?

The most important tributary of the Niger is the Benue which merges with the river at Lokoja in Nigeria. The Benue itself rises in Chad although there are almost no surface water resources in its uppermost part.

What is the original name of river Niger?

countries, though the whole basin covers nine countries of West Africa that together represent a kaleidoscope of cultures and landscapes. The original name of the river “egerou n-igereou”, which means the “river of rivers” was given by the Tuareg, expressing the exceptional character they attributed to it.

Where is the source of the Niger river?

The Niger is believed to have been named by the Greeks. Along its course it is known by several names. These include the Joliba (Malinke: “great river”) in its upper course; the Mayo Balleo and the Isa Eghirren in its central reach; and the Kwarra, Kworra, or Quorra in its lower stretch.

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What are the major tributaries of the Congo River?

Along this central reach the Congo receives its principal tributaries, primarily the Ubangi and the Sangha on the right bank and the Kwa on the left bank.

What are 5 facts about the Niger river?

The Niger River floods each year from September to May. The Niger River delta is home to the African Lion. The West African manatee, a creature near extinction lives in the Niger River. The Niger River has been an important source of water to those in its region since the first inhabitants settled there.

How many tributaries does the Niger river have?

Niger River

show Niger River
Basin features
• left Sokoto River, Kaduna River, Benue River, Anambra River
• right Bani River, Mékrou River

Who discovered source of river Niger?

Finding the Source of Niger River

In 1788, the British formed an association whose task was to explore Africa and of importance the source of the Niger River and other African rivers. The expedition took a while until 1796 when a Scottish named Mungo Park discovered part of the river.

Which river crosses the equator twice?

The Congo River zigzags across the equator twice as it flows from eastern Africa, through the Congo rainforest, all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, according to Mongabay, a nonprofit environmental science and conservation news site.

Why was the Niger river important to the rise of civilizations in West Africa?

The Niger River was important to Western African Civilizations because it gave rich soil and it helped African religion spread. … The North African people who found a way across the Sahara and began trade with West Africa were Berbers.

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Why was the Niger river important to the growth of the Mali Empire?

The Niger River, in particular, has been important to its development, both because it supplied water for domestic and agricultural uses and because it could be used as a “highway” for trade.