How do you apply for a tax number in South Africa?

eFiling: Once logged in to eFiling click on the “Notice of registration” icon on the ‘Home’ page to obtain your IT150. SMS: Request the issuing of the IT150 (Tax reference number) by sending an SMS to SARS on 47277. You can also request your notice of registration via the MobiApp if you are a registered eFiler.

Can I apply for a tax number online in South Africa?

Registering for a tax number via eFiling

Getting a tax number is now as easy as registering on SARS eFiling. Simply register on efiling and if you do not yet have a personal income tax number, SARS will automatically register you and issue a tax reference number. You are required to have a valid South African ID.

Can I register for a SARS tax number online?

To register as an eFiler: Visit the SARS eFiling website and click on REGISTER; or. Download the MobiApp and tap on REGISTER.

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What documents do you need to get a SARS tax number?

Certified or uncertified copies of a valid identity document, driving licence, passport, temporary identity document, asylum seekers certificate or permit together with the original identification (Identity document includes the green barcoded book and the smart ID card)

How long does it take to get a tax number?

You are probably done registering but wondering, “how do I get my tax reference number?” SARS will post a letter containing your 10-digit Income Duty number later, mostly within 21 days after registration.

How do I get my SARS tax number via email?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Select ‘Register Now’
  3. Follow the prompts.
  4. Request a Notice of Registration – it will reflect your income tax registration number. You can also register for SARS eFiling on the SARS MobiApp and follow the same steps.

How do I get my tax number from SARS first time?

Request a Notice of Registration (IT150)

SMS: Request the issuing of the IT150 (Tax reference number) by sending an SMS to SARS on 47277. You can also request your notice of registration via the MobiApp if you are a registered eFiler.

How much do you need to earn to pay tax in South Africa 2021?

R87 300 if you are younger than 65 years. If you are 65 years of age to below 75 years, the tax threshold (i.e. the amount above which income tax becomes payable) is R135 150. For taxpayers aged 75 years and older, this threshold is R151 100.

How can I get my tax number via SMS?

The taxpayers can request these tax services via SMS as follows:

  1. The SMS number to request this service is: 47277.
  2. The text message on the SMS must have the applicable wording that is reserved for each service as well as demographic information as demonstrated.
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How do I activate tax forms on eFiling?

FAQ: How do I activate a tax type on eFiling?

  1. Logon to eFiling.
  2. Select the correct tax payer from the “Taxpayer List”
  3. Navigate to the “Organisations” tab.
  4. Open the “Organisation” menu.
  5. Select the “Organisation Tax Types” sub menu.
  6. Tick the applicable tax type.
  7. Enter a tax reference number.
  8. Select “Register” button.

How do you get a tax ID number?

You can use the IRS’s Interactive Tax Assistant tool to help determine if you should file an application to receive an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). To obtain an ITIN, you must complete IRS Form W-7, IRS Application for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

How does a SARS tax number look like?

A South African Income Tax reference number is 10 numeric digits long. The tax reference number can only start with 0, 1, 2, 3 or 9 e.g. 0123456789.

Can I email supporting documents to SARS?

You may email SARS on the following email addresses:

When you send an email to the new mailboxes, you will receive an automated reply with a case number assigned. … To submit Supporting Documents, please use the online feature on the SARS Online Query System.

Does everyone have a tax reference number?

A UTR (unique taxpayer reference) number is a 10-digit number completely unique to each and every UK taxpayer. Whether the taxpayer is to register for self-employment or is an individual or part of a partnership or company, a UTR number is needed to file a Self Assessment tax return online or via post.

Is SARS toll free?

Call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277 and select option 0 (zero).

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Can I get a tax number if I’m unemployed South Africa?

For more information, click here. It is important to note that SARS does not require a person to have a tax number when they are employed for the first time. We provide a variety of easy processes to register your employees for Income Tax, which do not require them to visit a SARS branch.