Does Egypt allow refugees?

The Government of Egypt (GoE) continues to allow refugees and asylum-seekers registered with UNHCR to regularize their residency and grants six-month renewable residence permits. … Refugees and asylum seekers continue to have access to public education and health services on equal footing to Egyptians.

Does Egypt support refugees?

Refugees and asylum seekers in Egypt rely heavily on humanitarian assistance. They often reside in overcrowded neighbourhoods, where the host community also struggles with substandard living conditions and high unemployment rates. Some 32.5% of Egyptians live below the national poverty line.

Are there refugees in Egypt?

Egypt hosts more than 270,000 registered asylum-seekers and refugees from 65 countries. … As of 30 June 2021, the refugee population registered with UNHCR comprised 133,568 Syrians, 50,665 Sudanese, 20,240 South Sudanese, 20,174 Eritreans, 15,671 Ethiopians, 9,404 Yemenis, 6,805 Iraqis.

How does Egypt treat refugees?

Egypt is a signatory to the 1951 Convention and is committed to abide by the non-refoulement principle. The protection environment for refugees and asylum seekers in Egypt remains conducive. Syrians are welcomed in the country and there is a favorable treatment by society and authorities alike.

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Does Egypt have refugee camps?

Egypt is a destination country for refugees arriving from across the Middle East and East Africa. … There are no refugee camps.

Why are refugees coming to Egypt?

There are tens of thousands of Sudanese refugees in Egypt, most of them seeking refuge from ongoing military conflicts in their home country of Sudan. Their official status as refugees is highly disputed, and they have been subject to racial discrimination and police violence.

How do Syrian refugees get to Egypt?

In July 2013, the Egyptian government required Syrian refugees to have entry visas, residency documents, and work permit before they could enter the country. Since the implementation of this law, 3,058 refugees have been detained for attempting to depart illegally by sea.

How many migrants are in Egypt?

In 2020, Egypt hosted approximately 544 thousand international migrants. The vast majority were from the State of Palestine, and Syria, amounting to roughly 136 thousand and 126 thousand, respectively. Together, the two countries constituted over 48 percent of the total international migrants living in Egypt.

Where do most immigrants in Egypt come from?

According to the estimates of CAPMAS, the total number of permanent Egyptian migrants in non-Arab countries is slightly more than 0.8 million (824,000). About 80 % of them are concentrated in five countries: USA (318,000 or 38.6 %), Canada (110,000 or 13.3 %), Italy (90,000), Australia (70,000), and Greece (60,000).

How many Sudanese live in Egypt?

About 3.8 million Sudanese refugees currently live in neighboring Egypt, which is a popular destination for Sudanese refugees because the country is accessible on foot and the refugees are still able to receive help from relatives.

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How many Eritrean live in Egypt?

As of November 2021, according to UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, Egypt hosted 20,778 UNHCR-registered Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees. There is no data on the number of undocumented Eritrean asylum seekers and migrants in Egypt.

How many Syrian refugees are in Egypt?

As of 28 February 2021, there are 131,235 registered Syrian refugees and asylum seekers, representing 50 percent of total registered refugees and asylum seekers in Egypt (UNHCR 2021); Page 13 12 however, the estimates of the Egyptian government indicate that the actual number of Syrian refugees and asylum seekers at …

How many Iraqi refugees are in Egypt?

Egypt is host to an estimated 150,000 Iraqi refugees.

How many Somalis are in Egypt?

Egypt is currently host to more than 244,000 registered refugees and asylum-seekers, with Somalis representing the seventh-largest population group. Last year, Somalia ranked fifth on the global list of refugees by country, after Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Myanmar.