Why is the writer of the letter concerned for the African American soldiers?

Why did Corporal Gooding write this letter?

Black soldiers in the Union army served in segregated troops, often faced menial assignments, and received lower pay—$10 per month to white soldiers’ $13. In this letter to President Lincoln, Gooding, writing on behalf of himself and his fellow black soldiers, protested these conditions.

What is the main purpose of Gooding letter to Lincoln?

This is a letter written to Abraham Lincoln by James Henry Gooding, a free African American serving in the Union army. It argues that the army should give equal pay to African-American soldiers.

What is the main reason Gooding gave for African American soldiers to receive the same pay as white soldiers?

War Department officials claimed that black soldiers received lower pay because their regiments were used as laborers rather than as combat troops. In reality, however, thousands of black soldiers took part in battles and fought with great courage for the Union cause.

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What was Lincoln worried about 1863?

Although Lincoln personally abhorred slavery, he felt confined by his constitutional authority as president to challenge slavery only in the context of necessary war measures. He also worried about the reactions of those in the loyal border states where slavery was still legal.

What did James Henry Gooding do?

James Henry Gooding (August 28, 1838 – July 19, 1864) was a Corporal in the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, an American Civil War Union regiment, and a war correspondent to the New Bedford, MA Mercury newspaper.

Who wrote mother of a Northern black soldier to the President?

One of the more remarkable letters of the Civil War era was written to President Lincoln by Hannah Johnson, the mother of a black soldier.

How did Abraham Lincoln’s view on slavery change over the course of the Civil War?

“Lincoln said during the Civil War that he had always seen slavery as unjust. He said he couldn’t remember when he didn’t think that way — and there’s no reason to doubt the accuracy or sincerity of that statement,” explains historian Eric Foner. … Slavery ought to be abolished — but he doesn’t really know how to do it.

What did Lincoln say about the 54th regiment?

It was the second all-Black Union regiment to fight in the war, after the 1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry Regiment. From the beginning of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln argued that the Union forces were not fighting to end slavery but to prevent the disintegration of the United States.

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When did slaves fight in the Civil War?

Early in February 1863, the abolitionist Governor John A. Andrew of Massachusetts issued the Civil War’s first official call for Black soldiers. More than 1,000 men responded.

Why did African American men choose to enlist in the US army to serve in the West after the Civil War?

Why did African American men choose to enlist in the U.S. army to serve in the West after the Civil War? They hoped to achieve a better quality of life.

How did African American soldiers affect the Civil War?

Black soldiers served in artillery and infantry and performed all noncombat support functions that sustain an army, as well. Black carpenters, chaplains, cooks, guards, laborers, nurses, scouts, spies, steamboat pilots, surgeons, and teamsters also contributed to the war cause.

What were three problems faced by African American soldiers?

What were three problems faced by African American soldiers? If captured, they were treated badly ,were returned to slavery, or they were killed.