Why do you think griots were so valued in West African society?

Why do you think “griots” were so valued in West African society? Because the Africans did not write down their history, the griots sang and performed their songs as a way of remembering past events and passing the stories down to the next generation.

What role did griots play in West African society?

They are told by people known as griots (pronounced gree-oh), also known in some cultures as jeliw, who are the narrators of oral traditions. Born into their highly respected position, griots play an important role. As well as being storytellers, they are poets, historians, genealogists, and musicians.

Why do you think griots were so valued in West Africa?

Why do you think griots were so valued in West African society? since there are no written records, griots tell the people about the deeds of their ancestors. Griots keep the history alive from generation to generation.

Why were griots important in many African societies?

Griots were an important part of the culture and social life of the village. The main job of the griot was to entertain the villagers with stories. They would tell mythical stories of the gods and spirits of the region. They would also tell stories of kings and famous heroes from past battles.

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How did griots pass on history and values?

*Griots passed on the history and values through their stories and music.

What is the role of the griots in Africa today and why should you be generous to them?

Since the 13th century, when Griots originated from the West African Mande empire of Mali, they remain today as storytellers, musicians, praise singers and oral historians of their communities. Theirs is a service based on preserving the genealogies, historical narratives, and oral traditions of their people.

What are griots quizlet?

Griots. Griots are historians who are trained to remember all the important facts about their people. They are storytellers, poets and musicians.

What’s the definition of griots?

Definition of griot

: any of a class of musician-entertainers of western Africa whose performances include tribal histories and genealogies broadly : storyteller.

What can we learn about West African history from the Epic of Sundiata?

The Epic of Sundiata points up the complexities of the thirteenth century Sudan. Scholar Nehemia Levtzion calls it pivotal in the historical traditions of the Malinke. It delineates the time when many small states were struggling to fill the power vacuum left by the fall of Ghana.