What food products does Zambia Export?

Food comprises the commodities in SITC sections 0 (food and live animals), 1 (beverages and tobacco), and 4 (animal and vegetable oils and fats) and SITC division 22 (oil seeds, oil nuts, and oil kernels).

What is the main export of Zambia?

Zambia’s main export, copper accounts for 70 percent of Africa’s production and 60 percent of country’s total exports. Other exports include: sugar, tobacco, gemstones, cotton and electricity. Zambia’s main export partner is Switzerland (45 percent of total exports).

What food do we export?

In this year, whisky was the leading product to be exported from the UK totaling 1.5 billion British pounds.

Characteristic Exports in million GBP
Salmon 307
Cheese 304.5
Pork 300.6
Beef 257.3

What foods does Zambia import?

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Zambia Imports By Category Value Year
Dairy products, eggs, honey, edible products $15.94M 2020
Vegetable, fruit, nut food preparations $15.90M 2020
Footwear, gaiters and the like, $15.88M 2020
Manmade staple fibers $15.19M 2020

What are the major imports and exports of Zambia?

Zambia Exports and Imports of Product Groups 2019

  • Zambia Raw materials exports are worth US$ 345 million, product share of 4.91%.
  • Zambia Raw materials imports are worth US$ 1,061 million, product share of 14.70%.
  • Zambia Intermediate goods exports are worth US$ 6,049 million, product share of 86.06%.
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What are the top 5 countries that receive exports from Zambia?

Top 10 Export Countries

Country Export USD$
Singapore $579,415,682
South Africa $296,870,217
Malawi $103,261,280
Zimbabwe $99,647,905

What are Zambia’s main imports?

In the long-term, the Zambia Imports is projected to trend around 10500.00 ZMK Million in 2023, according to our econometric models. Zambia main imports are: fuel, machinery and foodstuffs. Zambia’s main import partner is South Africa followed by Congo-Kinshasa and China.

Which country exports the most food?

Largest Food Exports By Country

Rank Country Value of Food Exports (US Dollars, Thousands)
1 United States 72,682,349.79
2 Germany 34,628,800.73
3 United Kingdom 29,540,218.71
4 China 25,152,286.27

What is exported from Africa?

In most African states one or two primary commodities dominate the export trade—e.g., petroleum and petroleum products in Libya, Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Gabon, the Republic of the Congo, and Angola; iron ore in Mauritania and Liberia; copper in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo; cotton in Chad; coffee in …

Which country exports the most rice?

Principal rice exporting countries worldwide 2021/2022

India had the highest export volume of rice worldwide, at 18.75 million metric tons as of 2021/2022. Vietnam was the second largest rice exporter, with about 6.5 million metric tons of rice worldwide in that year.

Why is Lusaka an important industrial center?

It produces textiles, shoes, processed foods, and cement. It is home to many notable institutions such as the Zambian National Assembly Building, the Lusaka National Museum, the Mulungushi International Conference Center, the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, and the University of Zambia.

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What products does Zambia import?

Imports The top imports of Zambia are Refined Petroleum ($648M), Crude Petroleum ($443M), Delivery Trucks ($188M), Gold ($171M), and Nitrogenous Fertilizers ($163M), importing mostly from South Africa ($2.14B), China ($1.02B), United Arab Emirates ($853M), India ($335M), and Namibia ($230M).

What does Zambia export to China?

In 2019, Zambia exported $1.6B to China. The main products exported from Zambia to China were Raw Copper ($1.24B), Refined Copper ($240M), and Rough Wood ($31.8M). During the last 24 years the exports of Zambia to China have increased at an annualized rate of 33.6%, from $1.52M in 1995 to $1.6B in 2019.

What does Zambia export to South Africa?

Zambia Exports to South Africa. Value. Year. Pearls, precious stones, metals, coins. $69.37M.