Quick Answer: What is the name of the chief of staff in Ghana?

What is the role of the Chief of Staff in Ghana?

The Chief of Staff of Ghana is the coordinator of the supporting staff and the primary aide-de-camp of the President of Ghana. The chiefs of staff also acts as a confidant and advisor to the President , acting as a sounding board for ideas. …

What is a Chief of Staff in government?

The Office of the Chief of Staff is responsible for directing, managing and overseeing all policy development, daily operations, and staff activities for the President. This office coordinates and communicates with all departments and agencies of the Administration.

Who is the head of security in Ghana?

Hon. Albert Kan-Dapaah (born 14 March 1953) is a Ghanaian chartered accountant and politician. He is currently the Minister of National Security. He was appointed by President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo on 10 January 2017.

Who reports to the chief of staff?

Additionally, Chief of Staff may act as an advisor to the chief executive. May be responsible for the management of executive support staff. Requires a bachelor’s degree. Typically reports to CEO or executive.

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How do you become chief of staff?

To become a chief of staff, you need excellent interpersonal skills and several years of executive-level experience in corporate settings. The chief of staff position is relatively new in the private sector, and the qualifications for the job vary from company to company.

What’s another title for Chief of Staff?

What’s another title for Chief of Staff? Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Business Officer, and Chief Business Administrator are other titles that could be used instead of Chief of Staff.

Is HR a Chief of Staff?

Hiring and Management

Manage hiring process for leadership roles reporting to the CEO: In partnership with HR teams, chiefs of staff can take over the more administrative aspects of hiring managers. They may also draft and post job descriptions, outline interview processes, and screen candidates.

Is Chief of Staff C-suite?

All three positions, Executive Assistant, Chief of Staff, and COO, are valuable team members in the c-suite.

What level is a chief of staff?

Chiefs of staff at level three are typically found in large, complex organizations facing the need for dramatic strategic, operational, and cultural change, especially when the leader is new to the top post. This role is closest to the influential CoS jobs common in government and the military.

What is the job of a chief of staff?

A Chief of Staff typically has the following responsibilities: Collaborating with executive team members to determine and prioritize business strategies. Managing the Chief Executive’s schedule, scheduling meetings and planning travel. Providing department leaders with recommendations and consultation to improve …

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Is chief of staff a high position?

What is a chief of staff? As its description implies, a chief of staff acts as the point person for all the individuals who work on behalf of someone in a position of high authority. These include CEOs, COOs, CFOs, deans, board of directors members and other senior-level leadership titles.

Who is Francis Opoku?

francis opoku – Director – National Security Council Secretariat | LinkedIn.

What is the full meaning of BNI in Ghana?

The Bureau of National Investigations(BNI) is the internal intelligence agency of Ghana. … The BNI is legally a creature of, The Security and Intelligence Agencies Act (Act 526) 1996, having been continued in existence by Section 10 of that Act. The BNI has undisclosed offices in all the sixteen regions of Ghana .

What are the names of ministers in Ghana?


Current Government
Office(s) Officeholder
Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng Patricia Appiagyei (Deputy minister)
National Security Ministry (Ghana) Albert Kan-Dapaah
Ministry of Youth and Sports Isaac Kwame Asiamah (MP) Pius Enam Hadzide (Deputy minister)