How Old Is Bad Chad’s girlfriend Jolene?

Jolene, born in 1989, is 32 years old as of 2021, according to realitytitbit.

How old is Jolene Bad Chad?

Jolene Maclntyre’s actual age is 32 years old as of 2021.

Who is Jolene in Bad Chad?

Jolene is Chad’s business manager and also his fiancé.

Who is the girl in Bad Chad customs?

The second season of Discovery Channel’s Bad Chad Customs is now in full swing, and viewers are becoming more invested in the lives of master builder Chad Hiltz and his girlfriend-turned-fiancée Jolene MacIntyre.

What is wrong with Aaron from Bad Chad?

Fans of the show who’ve seen Aaron on the program are worried about his physical appearance and believe that the reality TV personality and builder could be ill. However, there’s nothing to suggest that Aaron is sick or suffering from any illnesses, including the dreaded COVID-19.

How old is Chad Hiltz in Chad customs?

Colton Hiltz. Colton is Chad’s son and the shop apprentice. He grew up with his mom in a different town and had little experience working on cars before he started in the garage.

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How did Chad Hiltz make his money?

How did Chad Hiltz make his money? It’s not like he’s selling high-ticket automobiles. Canning, a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada, is home to a business run by Chad Hiltz, an automotive customizer who prides himself on thriftiness.

Where is the Green Goblin garage located?

Most of the filming for the show took place last spring and summer in Hiltz’s Green Goblin Customs garage located on Hwy. 358, but there are other locations around Nova Scotia that will also be highlighted as builds are unveiled for local clients.

What did Bad Chad get in trouble for?

One day a friend asked him to sell him some. Chad called up another friend and got it for him. Two months later, five of Chad’s friends and Chad were arrested for delivery of a controlled substance. Chad’s parents were very disappointed with him.

Where is Chad Hiltz from?

Introducing Bad Chad

Chad Hiltz is the son of Australian parents Doug and Patricia Hiltz, born in Kingsport, Nova Scotia, Canada. Amazingly enough, the details of Bad Chad’s childhood aren’t as well-publicized as those of some of his car show contemporaries.

What country is Bad Chad Customs in?

The filming for Bad Chad Customs takes place in Bad Chad’s own shop in a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada. Canning has a population of around 2,500. Chad built the shop himself and it is adorned with all his own artworks.

Who is Jolene MacIntyre?

Jolene MacIntyre is the founder of Hiltz Auto Company, which she runs with her fiancé Chad Hiltz. When Jolene and Chad started dating, she had just graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Saint Mary’s University.

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Who is Bad Chad car builder?

The reality TV show centers around a famous and unconventional automobile designer named Chad Hiltz, who is also nicknamed “Bad Chad”. Chad uses his uncommon creativity, which he draws from his wildest imaginings, to turn seemingly trivial objects into exceptional, low-budget custom and award-winning vehicles.