How do you install a wall plug in South Africa?

How do you wire a plug socket in South Africa?

Unscrew the little screws on each of the plug’s pins. Insert the twisted copper wires into the holes in the pins. The green and yellow wire must always be inserted into the top pin. The blue wire is inserted into the left pin (the pin is marked with a blue spot or the letter N).

How do you decide where to put plug sockets?

Allow for a socket in each corner of the bedroom for other electrical items such as the TV, computers, lamps and other electrical items. If you have a dressing table or desks it’s worth adding sockets close to them for easy access and avoid running cables across the room.

Is it easy to change plug sockets?

It’s easy to replace an electric socket if you’re replacing like for like – e.g. simply changing the style of the sockets. If you need to move the socket eg from surface mount to recess, then it’s a much more involved task and you will need to cut into the wall.

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