How did Britain France and Germany scramble to annex Cameroon?

How did Britain France and Germany scramble for Cameroon?

Germany ruJed Cameroon from 1884-1915 as a colony and in 1916 Cameroon was divided between Britain and France following the defeat of the Germans in Cameroon in 1916. Britain and -France ruled their· respective portions of Cameroon as mandated territories -0f the League of Nations from 1919-1945.

How did Britain scramble for Cameroon?

Scramble to annex Cameroon just like the scramble of Arica, the scramble for Cameroon was necessited by economic, political and social reasons. The British, French and Germans wanted trade monopoly in order to increase their profit. … The Europeans needed labourers from Cameroon to work in plantations.

How did Britain annex Cameroon?

Britain eventually entered the race for the annexation of Cameroon because in 1884, Britain discovered a secret plot by Germany to annex Cameroon. 2. The French advanced from the South of Cameroon was now seen as a threat to British commercial interest. The French had even signed treaties with King Pass All of Malimba.

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How did the Germany annex Cameroon?

In April 1883, the German traders in Cameroon called on the German Government to annex Cameroon and the government accepted and sent an imperial commissioner to sign treaties with the natives. In February 1884, Bismark appointed Dr . Nachtigal to head a mission to Cameroon and Fernando PPo.

Why did the Germans succeed to annex Cameroon?

To increase German investment in order to create jobs and increase revenue. To secure new market for the German product especially after the British restricted. German trade in the Congo treaty in 1884. To increase monopoly in order to make huge profits.

What role did the Explorers play in the scramble and annexation of Cameroon?

They accepted European bribes for annexation. They appealed to the Europeans for annexation. They acted as trading agents and became heavily indebted hence they had to accept annexation. They acted as intermediacy between the natives and the European.

How did France colonize Cameroon?

From 1884, Cameroon was a German colony, German Kamerun, with its borders drawn through negotiations between the Germans, British, and French. After the First World War, the League of Nations mandated France to administer most of the territory, with the United Kingdom administering a small portion in the west.

Why did France took the lion share of Cameroon?

Britain and France had colonial ambitions in Cameroon. … Britain wanted France to have the lion’s share so as to boost French moral in the on going war in Europe. Britain and France had differences in culture and colonial policies.

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How did Cameroon gain independence from France?

French officials suppressed the UPC, leading to a bitter civil war, while encouraging alternative political leaders. On January 1, 1960, independence was granted. … In a UN-supervised plebiscite in February 1961, the south decided to unite with the former French Cameroun, creating the Federal Republic of Cameroon.

Why did Britain change her mind and scramble for Cameroon in 1884?

The climate of Cameroon around the Cameroon mountain was suitable for European settlement. The British had the intension of creating an empire. Annexation of Cameroon by the British would facilitate the collection of their debt. The industries in Britain needed raw materials.

When did France colonize Cameroon?

Cameroon was colonized in 1884 by the Germans who ruled Cameroon till 1916. When they were defeated during the 1st World war, Cameroon placed as a mandated territory of the League of Nations and given to France and Britain to rule it.