Frequent question: How long does it take to get a special pass in Kenya?

The processing time online is immediate. Approval of the application takes five working days.

How much does a special pass cost in Kenya?

Requirements for getting a Special Pass in Kenya? Cost- Kshs. 15,000 per month.

What is special pass in Kenya?

Special passes are issued to individuals who would like to conduct any business, trade, or profession or those wishing to apply for another permit in-country. This visa may be granted for up to 90 days. Issued for temporarily conducting any business, trade or profession.

What is a special pass?

A Special Pass (SP) card, which legalises a foreigner’s stay in Singapore, is issued for a specific purpose such as assisting in investigation, attending court and for stateless persons residing in Singapore.

How long does it take for student pass to be approved?

The processing time for a new Student’s Pass application is within one month (and within two weeks for an EduTrust-accredited PEI) (excluding the date of submission). Some applications may take longer time to process.

How do I get a curfew pass in Kenya?

To get nurse or midwives curfew pass in Kenya, login to nursing council of Kenya portal, once you are logged in you will see Curfew Pass button, click to download the pass. You must have a valid practicing license to download the pass. Interns can also apply.

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What is the minimum salary for S Pass?

Only eligible candidates will be considered for an S Pass. Criteria include a minimum salary of $2,500 and acceptable qualifications. Use the Self-Assessment Tool to check a candidate’s eligibility before you apply.

How do I get a pass to Nairobi?

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  1. 1 Register with eFNS portal. language. …
  2. 2 Apply for special pass. language. …
  3. 3 Investor registration and special pass request. D.
  4. 4 Obtain notification of approval. language. …
  5. 5 Pay for special pass fees. …
  6. 6 Obtain payment acknowledgement receipt. …
  7. 7 Submit evidence of payment. …
  8. 8 Obtain notice of pass collection.

What is special pass in Malaysia?

A special pass is a temporary pass issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Usually it is valid for 30 days. A Student who current student pass had expired WITHIN 7 days.

How long does a special pass last?

So, the Malaysia Special Pass is issued for a duration of 30 days, after which you must depart the country.

Can I extend my special pass?

If your Work Permit holder needs more time to leave Singapore (e.g. flight has been rescheduled), you can request for an extension of their Special Pass: Log in to the relevant eService: FDW eService for helpers > click ‘Ask for or Extend Special Pass’.

What is special pass Mom?

The Special Pass allows the worker to stay in Singapore before leaving. The worker needs to show the Special Pass and a valid passport to the immigration officer when leaving Singapore.

How much is the work permit in Kenya?

The annual work permit fee is Kshs. 5,000/=. It is a residence permit issued to those who have an assured income derived from sources outside and have agreed to not accept paid employment of any kind.

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What is alien card Kenya?

Foreign Nationals Certificate (Alien Card) Application

Registration of foreign nationals is governed by the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act of 2011 part VII (56) 2 laws of Kenya. The law requires that all foreigners resident within Kenya for a period exceeding 90 days be registered.