Frequent question: Are apples African?

Apples are considered an exotic fruit in many parts of Africa. They fetch a handsome price in markets across the continent as they are largely imported from overseas.

Are apples native to Africa?

The African Star Apple is a fruit native to West Africa and is particularly prolific in Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Togo and Ghana. … Traditionally, the fruits are not harvested from the trees, but allowed to fall naturally off the tree before they are picked. The African Star Apple is usually eaten raw, as a snack.

Where is apple fruit originally from?

DNA analysis indicates that apples originated in the mountains of Kazakhstan, where the wild Malus sieversii—the many-times great-grandparent of Malus domestica, the modern domesticated apple—still flourishes.

Are there apple trees in Africa?

Now, apple trees cultivated with grafts from Southern Heritage trees are under the care of farmers in Uganda, Zambia and Rwanda, thanks to a project called Apples for Africa.

How did apples get to Africa?

On the African continent, partly due to the climate, apple trees did not grow well. … The Ancient Romans and the Greeks had strong trade ties with the North African region and during their trading activities, introduced the apples. From North Africa, the apple also spread to other parts through conquest.

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What fruit is from Africa?

For probably as long as people have lived in Africa, they have eaten culturally and traditionally important indigenous fruits such as baobab, desert date, black plum, and tamarind.

What is Africa apple?

Binomial name. Chrysophyllum africanum. G.Don. Chrysophyllum africanum (commonly known as African star apple) is a forest fruit tree commonly found throughout tropical Africa.

Are apples native to England?

The fruit of the apple tree is a firm favourite in the UK. And although they’re not native, we’ve been breeding them for centuries as eaters, cookers and to make cider. … Apple orchards are common in the UK.

Who founded apples the fruit?

Apples were introduced to North America by colonists in the 17th century, and the first apple orchard on the North American continent was planted in Boston by Reverend William Blaxton in 1625. The only apples native to North America are crab apples, which were once called “common apples”.

Is apple a true fruit?

The false fruits can be defined as the fruit, which is formed from the ripened ovary along with some other parts of the flower like the base or receptacle, the perianth etc. Examples: Apple, banana, cashews, strawberry, are all examples of false fruits.

Do apples grow in South Africa?

South Africa’s main apple producing areas are Groenland, Ceres, Villiersdorp (all in the Western Cape) and Langkloof East in the Eastern Cape. The Western Cape province account for more than half of all the apples produced in South Africa. … Total production area for apples in 2010 was 21 553 hectares.

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Is apple produced in Nigeria?

They can not be grown in Nigeria because they require cold conditions for optimal growth and fruit production. … However, the apples have been grown in the past in the plateau regions of Nigeria like the Jos, Mambila and Obudu plateau.

What kind of apple grows in Nigeria?

Research shows that the type of apple that could be grown in large quantities in Nigeria is the Bell apple. This kind of apple is nutritious with both sweet and sour taste. This depends on the ripeness of the fruit. There are also mixed varieties of bell apple.

Who first ate apples?

Modern humans ate apples too, when they got to Central Asia, about 50,000 BC. By about 6,500 BC, people were carrying apple seeds west to West Asia and east to China, planting apple trees, and eating apples there too.

Do apples grow in Palestine?

Evidence of apple collecting has been found in Neolithic (11,200 years ago) and Bronze Age (around 4,500 years ago) sites throughout Europe and there is evidence for its cultivation as early as 1000 BC in Israel. … Apple trees reached Palestine in about 2000 BC and from there, were taken to Egypt.

What Colour were apples originally?

Until the 20th century, apples were so different that there may have been no standard minds-eye thought of ‘apple’. In fact, there were very few apples which were colored in such a way that you’d call them red. Most times, they were various shades of green, yellow, and red – sometimes on a single apple!

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