Best answer: How much is Oukitel C19 in Nigeria?

How much is Oukitel C19 Pro?

What is the price of Oukitel C19 Pro? The price of the Oukitel C19 Pro in United States varies between 85$ and 129$ depending on the specific version and its features.

How good is Oukitel C19?

OukiteL C19 Features

A 4000mAh battery powers the device. So, the device is a good package for content consumers with its big display and decent battery capacity. Don’t forget the price, it’s just around $60! As of the processor, the C19 packs MediaTek MT6737 and pairs a 2GB of RAM with the light-weight Android 10 GO.

Which Oukitel phone is the best?

Top 6 Oukitel Rugged Smartphones with Powerful Batteries

  • Oukitel K13 Pro. Oukitel K13 Pro has the highest battery capacity of all the phones with over 11000mAh. …
  • Oukitel K7 Pro. Being a successor of the K12, K7 Pro too comes with a massive battery of 10000mAh. …
  • Oukitel WP7. …
  • Oukitel C21.

Is Oukitel available in Nigeria?

Oukitel Phones is a brand that focuses on cheap and affordable smartphones. Most of their smartphones cost less than $80. If you are in Nigeria, you can buy Oukitel Phones on Jumia for less than 30,000 Naira.

How much is Oukitel C18 pro in Nigeria?

The price of the Oukitel C18 Pro is around $160, which is about 62,000 Naira, 923 Ghana cedi, and 17,132 Kenyan shillings.

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How much is Oukitel C12 pro in Nigeria?

Oukitel C12 Pro price in Nigeria starts at 25,400 Naira depending on your location in the country. You can buy the smartphone at leading online stores in the country.

Where is Oukitel made?

We intend to produce the very best of products and help uplift and improve upon the “Made-in-China” image all over the world. Oukitel from its humble beginnings has developed into a company with reach in so many countries around.

How much is Oukitel C15 in Nigeria?

Oukitel C15 Pro price in Nigeria starts at around ₦26,990 which is around $75. The smartphone is available at leading online stores near you.

Is Oukitel a good brand?

TechRadar Verdict. The WP8 Pro by Oukitel is certainly a great deal if you’re looking for a rugged phablet that won’t break the bank. It performs on par with our expectations but the presence of a microUSB port and below average performance means that there are other better alternatives if size doesn’t matter.